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The conference and university site Suderburg is located in the romantic forest and heath landscape of Lüneburg Heath. This relatively small community of only 7,500 inhabitants, some 10 kilometres from the town of Uelzen, is the location of the Construction Engineering Faculty of the Fachhochschule of North-Eastern Lower Saxony, offering degree courses in Applied Information Technology, Water Management and Soil Management, Hydraulic Engineering and Civil Engineering.
It has a student population of some 600, who appreciate the individual attention they receive here at a relatively small institution, and the calm and beauty of the landscape, with its characteristic juniper heathland and extensive woodlands. The setting is also attractive to tourists, with some 130,000 overnight stays each year, and many more people coming for day trips – to go for long walks by the bubbling, crystal-clear brooks, or to see the heathland shepherds at work, to view the pre-historic burial mounds, or to go on biking tours on the extensive and well developed network of cycle tracks.
The area has a very special charm in late summer and early autumn, when the heather is in bloom – a sea of purple, as far as the eye can see. This miracle of nature is in fact a human artefact, with the shepherds and their heathland sheep keeping the heath cropped short over the centuries. It was not until the decline of sheep farming here that the forest began to regain large areas. But there are many parts of the region, such as the Ellerndorf Juniper Heath not far from Suderburg, which
are still cultivated in the traditional way, and have maintained their traditional charm – in every season of the year. The Hösseringen Museum Village gives a good idea of the life of the heathland population some 400 years ago, with its collection of original farmhouses and peasant dwellings. Suderburg also has a forest history and nature trail, to combine enjoyment of the countryside with learning a little about it.
Suderburg is also an ideal base for exploring the whole of this area. With easy access to Lüneburg, Uelzen and Celle, the historic town centres of which are still preserved and completely intact, showing their magnificent heritage of timber-framed housing. Braunschweig (Brunswick), the old city of the Guelphs, is also within easy reach, as are the car city of Wolfsburg (location of the Volkswagen car works), the Fair and Expo City Hanover and the Port City of Hamburg with its celebrated maritime flair.

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