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 Registration Regulations for the Conference


1. Bank Transfer
Please remit the total amount comprising of the registration fee and the accompanying programme together with your registration - free of all bank charges - to:
w/EFUC 2003 - Name of Participant
Hamburgische Landesbank (Route Number 200 500 00)
Account No.: 228 130 560
2. Credit Card
Please indicate on the registration form your credit card organisation, credit card number, expiry date and name of card holder. The total amount comprising of the conference fee and accompanying programme (where applicable) will be charged to your credit card at the next possible date.
3. Signature
The signature on the registration form is essential, otherwise your registration cannot be processed accordingly.
4. Confirmation
After receipt of the full amount, at the latest by 12th of May 2003, we will confirm your registration. If you register after this date, please show a copy of your bank remittance form at the Conference Office. You will then receive your Conference material.


Registered Conference Participants, who are unable to attend the Conference will receive a refund of the registration fee as follows:

  • Receipt of cancellation by 7th April 2003: refund of entire registration fee, minus EUR 15,- for administrative costs
  • Receipt of cancellation between 8th April 2003 and 5th May 2003: refund of 50% of entire registration fee
  • Receipt of cancellation fee after 6th May 2003: no refund

Please be sure to clearly indicate your name, address and registration number on your written cancellation and forward this to the Conference Office.

For organisational reasons, refunds can only be granted up to 12th of May 2003. Thereafter, reimbursements are possible only after the conference. Any bank charges that incur as a result of a cancellation shall be borne by the participants. Should the registered person not be able to attend, he/she may send a representative to take his/her place.


The Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH is acting solely as an agent and is therefore not liable for any lost goods, accidents nor damages to any person(s) or goods, independent of origin. On all conference excursions, tours, etc. the participant joins at his/her own risk. Oral declarations must be accompanied by written confirmations. Sole court jurisdiction is Hamburg. With the signing of the registration form, the conference participant accepts the conditions.

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