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The EUROPEAN FORUM ON UNDERGROUND CONSTRUCTION (EFUC): "Leading the way for Europe in underground construction"
Underground space is vital for the functioning of our modern society. This is where the arteries of our cities and communities are located – with pipelines for utilities and waste disposal, cables and communication networks, and underground transport routes. And the underground space has still more potential to offer. Shifting production facilities, cultural and service centres into the underground space can make room for an ecologically intact environment at the surface. At the same time, this gives economic opportunities for European markets, with enormous unrecognised and unexplored potentials. As Europe moves together more and more rapidly, there is a unique opportunity to tackle these challenges together at the international level, and to make use of the enormous opportunities that arise.

The EFUC is the platform for discussion and implementation of these ideas, concepts and projects from a European perspective. It is an interdisciplinary forum for engineers and scientists, business men and decision makers from politics and administration, covering all aspects of underground construction. EFUC can help you to obtain information and contacts, it can organise conferences, cross-border working groups, meetings and initial and further training events.

The 1st EFUC Conference 2003 "Underground Construction" – Combining Practice and Innovation

The Europe of the future is not just being created on paper – it is currently in construction, in every sense of the word. The 1st EFUC Conference 2003 is making a decisive contribution to that process – for the first time, it will bring together representatives from all areas of underground construction at European level. It will cover a whole range of underground construction work in the course of the three days, with lectures and discussions in seminars and workshops, and with practical demonstrations. Subjects include the infrastructure of mega-cities, the harmonisation of standards in the EU, safety issues in road and rail tunnels, modern technologies for tunnel and pipeline construction, underground energy storage, issues of water management, climate change, renewables (biomass, solar, hydro, wind and geothermal), international construction contracts, political aspects of underground construction – these are just some facets from a rich and exciting range of topics.

There will be live demonstrations of construction equipment and processes, and exhibition stands of engineering consultancies, construction firms and academic institutes, plus company workshops, to ensure the necessary relation to practice. The EFUC Conference combines the latest research results and a wealth of professional experience. Outstanding quality of engineers and specialists is ensured by active participation of major international organisations, including the International Tunnelling Association (ITA), the Association Internationale des Traveaux en Souterrain (AITES), the International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT), the European Societies for Trenchless Technology (...STT), the German Committee for Underground Construction (DAUB) and the German-Czech Scientific Foundation Wissenschaftsstiftung Deutsch-Tschechisches Institut (WSDTI).

The venue – Suderburg provides optimal conditions for the EFUC Conference

The municipality of Suderburg, together with the EFUC and the local technical college Fachhochschule Nordostniedersachsen, are organisers of the 1st EFUC Conference. The Fachhochschule is located in the attractive Landscape of Lüneburg Heath, providing an ideal venue for the event. This is an appealing change from typical conference venues, with a very personal touch – ideal to make new contacts and enhance existing ones, for business meetings and lively discussions. A special highlight will be the live demonstrations, which will take place on the adjoining 15,000 square metre open-air site. This allows companies the chance to present their equipment, construction materials and machines etc. in action, for excavating, drilling and ploughing operations; the sky's the limit for underground construction operations.

The exhibition will attract engineers and decision makers, and also university and school students, who can get an impression of career opportunities in underground engineering. The organisers provide funding to support participation of students and expert colleagues from East European countries in the conference. The organisers of the 1st EFUC Conference have also committed funding for a student competition on the subject of "Flood Protection". And to relax from this high-pressure information and discussion environment, social events will not be neglected. There will be a varied supporting programme with a trip to Uelzen Station and its unique decorations designed by the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, with walks on the Heath and in the forests, with bicycle tours and carriage rides, and a rustic Heath Evening including a trip to the Hösseringen Museum Village that encompasses a host of surprises.

We wish all conference attendees a very interesting time in Suderburg and surroundings, and would like to express our gratitude to the speakers and to everyone playing an active part in the preparation and conduct of the conference.

Suderburg, February 2003

The EFUC Management Board:
Alfred Meyer, Mayor of Suderburg,
Prof. Dr. Christa Cremer-Renz, President Fachhochschule Nordostniedersachsen,
Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Bielecki
Dipl.-Ing. Michel Mermet

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