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Live demonstrations will be a major feature at the exhibition in Suderburg, showing equipment and processes in action, on an open-air site of more than 15,000 square metres. This is where construction companies show their methods, and manufacturers demonstrate cost-effective operations with construction materials, equipment and machines. With examples of digging, excavating, dredging and ploughing. With cleaning, transportation and loading equipment. With above-ground demonstrations of techniques for laying and rehabilitation of underground pipelines in considerable lengths.

These live demonstrations are intended to provide information to engineers and municipal representatives, and to engineering students, and also to give school students at advanced secondary level an insight into the career opportunities in this area.

A marquee is provided adjoining the Fachhochschule building for the exhibition stands at the 1st EFUC Conference. It is completely fitted out with 3x3 metre exhibition stands for engineering consultants, municipalities, construction companies and equipment manufacturers. Large organisations may wish to hire several stands. The marquee also has a catering area with seating for entertaining guests.

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