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The first EFUC Conference, taking place in Suderburg near Uelzen from 2 to 4 June 2003, is organised by the Municipality of Suderburg in co-operation with the European Forum on Underground Construction (EFUC) and the Fachhochschule Nordostniedersachsen (Technical College of North-East Lower Saxony).

Within the scope of this event, the conference organisers are holding a competition for students at universities and colleges of higher education throughout Europe. Due to the focus of the Hochschule Nordostniedersachsen in its teaching on Applied Information Technology, Hydraulic Engineering, Water Management and Soil Management, the organisers have made this location to the base of this exciting competition, whose subject is Flood Protection.

Students are asked to treat this subject from the engineering, climatological / ecological and economic viewpoints, working either alone or in groups.

They are expected to bring forward proposals on river management and preventive flood protection, plans of action for dealing with floods, flood retention and dike protection, dike construction and dike rehabilitation for inland waters and coastal protection. The work submitted should not exceed twenty pages in A4 format, and should be written in German or English; diagrams and other figures are desirable. The best 5 submissions will receive prizes, and will be presented during the Conference in Suderburg.

The jury consists of:
Dipl.-Ing. Bodo Cousin, Hamburg,
Dr.-Ing. Harald Irmer, Düsseldorf
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albert Göttle, Munich
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kurt Lecher, Hanover
Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Simon, Magdeburg
Prof. Dr. Brigitte Urban, Suderburg

Poster presentations may be submitted for presentation at the Suderburg Conference by any competitor, if desired. The best submissions are to be published in extract form in the specialised civil engineering/road construction magazine "tis" (Tiefbau-Ingenieurbau-Straßenbau). Responsible: Editor-in-Chief Dipl.-Ing. Roland Herr, BertelsmannSpringer Bauverlag, Gütersloh.

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