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25/05/2005 - Please note the following Invitation to the 8. EFUC Round Table and 2nd EFUC Conference in Paris, France:

11/05/2005 - The Minutes of the Meeting of the 7. EFUC Meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania are available for Download:

14/03/2005 - Please pay attention to the following Websites regarding the upcoming EFUC Meeting in Vilnius:

01/03/2005 - Please note the following Invitation to the 7. EFUC Round Table in Vilnius, Rep. Lithuania:

17/01/2005 - EFUC's January '05 Newsletter is available for Download:

16/12/2004 - The Minutes of the Meeting of the 6. EFUC Meeting in Brno, Czech Republic are available for Download:

 About EFUC
Underground space is vital for the functioning of our modern society. This is where the arteries of our cities and communities are located – with pipelines for utilities and waste disposal, cables and communication networks, and underground transport routes. And the underground space has still more potential to offer. Shifting production facilities, cultural and service centres into the underground space can make room for an ecologically intact environment at the surface. At the same time, this gives economic opportunities for European markets, with enormous unrecognised and unexplored potentials. As Europe moves together more and more rapidly, there is a unique opportunity to tackle these challenges together at the international level, and to make use of the enormous opportunities that arise.

The EFUC is the platform for discussion and implementation of these ideas, concepts and projects from a European perspective. It is an interdisciplinary forum for engineers and scientists, business men and decision makers from politics and administration, covering all aspects of underground construction. EFUC can help you to obtain information and contacts, it can organise conferences, cross-border working groups, meetings and initial and further training events.

For more information regarding the 1st EFUC-Conference please click here.

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